UFO Sighting in Woonsocket, Rhode Island on July 5th 2014 – 2 amber/orange Orbs moving like 2 birds chasing eachother

Hi, this is my 3rd and final awesome [non-human]made thing I and 11++ people that seen these 2 orbs just silently coming from the south[ First seen by my sons friend also recorded by him with a good quality digital camera]and he run in our house to tell us about it so we all can see it…I came outside to see 2 orange orbs not very big [like a larger sized softball] were directly overhead,not a sound at all, it was about a 3story house and a half high so about 50-60′ I guess…There was nothing to make out of this,,it was just 2 silently moving to the north just like 2 fish swimming in one direction while going around eachother and near eachother kinda like playing until about 1-2 minutes into my sighting these [1] just slow without any change in what it is doing, it slowly dimmed its orange light until it is completely out,,and the one stay until it went deep into the clouds[out-of-sight..So I have no idea what, even if this was 2 remote control things by man,,,what was its propultion,or fuel? This was VERY quiet, not a sound.. Then we have a distance of 3++ miles and still going away from its primay place of origin..Still even if a remote control is possible at that distance by man,,,NOT the SILENT ENGINE…..I don’t have the video,,,I will try to get it from him,,I know he did put this on YOUTUBE,,,I’ll see what I can do…

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