Victor Marchetti on UFOs.

Victor Marchetti (once executive assistant to the Deputy Director of the CIA) is an interesting chap in conspiracy land and it’s said his expose on CIA shenanigans did help contribute to the formation of the 1975 U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearings (link) -his book also has the dubious honour of being the first the U.S. Government ever went to court to censor before publication.

Not exactly a UFO whistleblower per se, Marchetti also makes some intriguing comments in the ‘rare but largely speculative’ article below entitled “How the CIA Views the UFO Phenomenon” -as C.S. mentions, Billy Cox over at the Herald-Tribune has posted ‘the gem of an article’ in its entirety and even taken in a historical context it’s well worth a read as it covers lots of aspects from official /religious attitudes towards the UFO subject and government sponsered UFO studies right through to NSA and SIGNIT reports.

” Taken from Second Look magazine, Vol. 1, No. 7 in May 1979


Kids nowadays don’t know Victor Marchetti from Adam, and Billy Cox hopes to set the record straight. Long before whistleblowers enjoyed indefinite asylum in Russia, Victor called out the U.S. government on hinky shenanigans during the cold war. Of interest to anomalists is his insight on the official take of The Great Taboo.

For your pleasure, Billy reprints a gem from 1979 on Victor’s UFOlogical agnosticism while surrounded by many interested in the phenomenon. The inclusion of the NSA and SIGINT’s dabbling in aliens, and their methodologies, to separate the wheat from the chaff, is provocative. An interesting point is there are no real secrets, but admitting one knows the secret causes all kinds of trouble. Despite being written 36 years ago, Victor’s narrative remains steadfastly relevant to the information age and Snowden’s revelations even if you ignore the UFOs. And how could anyone ignore them?



Retro Friday: a blast from the past

Before blowing the whistle on America’s illegal covert Cold War activities, Victor Marchetti was a 14-year CIA veteran ultimately promoted to executive assistant to The Agency’s Deputy Director. After resigning in 1969, he wrote two exposes — 1971’s The Rope Dancer, and The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence in 1974. The latter, which the federal government attempted to ban from publication, was among the many slings and arrows contributing to the formation of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearings in 1975.

In 1979, Marchetti stoked yet another controversy by providing a rare if largely speculative glimpse into the mindset of The Agency’s uneasy relationship with The Great Taboo. Titled “How the CIA Views the UFO Phenomenon,” Marchetti’s magazine piece took a cautious approach. “The topic was rarely discussed at internal meetings,” he wrote. “It seemed to fall into the category of ‘very sensitive activities,’ e.g., drug and mind-control operations, domestic spying, and other illegal actions. People simply did not talk about the UFO phenomenon.”

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