Reed Family UFO Case Officially Inducted into the Great Barrington (Massachusetts) Historical Society

Reed Family UFO Case Officially Inducted into the Great Barrington (Massachusetts) Historical Society

Boston Globe Headlines & Major Media Coverage Sets the Stage for Full Disclosure

By Debbie West & Robert Morningstar

<Edited by R.D. Morningstar>

(Feb 23, 2015  Houston, TX)  As reported today in The Boston Globe, the Great Barrington Historical Society of Massachusetts has announced that the UFO/contact case of Thom Reed has been formally and officially inducted into their historical records.  This is the first case in US history to be formally inducted into historical records.

The Reed Brothers case, categorized as CE4 (Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind) and was ongoing, generational and first reported on Sept. 1, 1969 when it was widely reported in local newspapers and radio. 

 “We are grateful to Thom Reed for assisting us in documenting this historically significant case and establishing it as the first contact event ever on record at a historical society,” commented Debbie U. Oppermann, Director Great Barrington Historical Society. 
The Reed Family Abduction case is similar to many (commonly) reported experiences, but unique in the multi-generational occurrences (children, parents, grandparents visited by aliens over several decades of time, 1950s-60s through 2009).  The large number of people involved, supporting each others accounts provides mounting evidence of Earth’s involvement with extra terrestrial beings

Most reports to date indicate that the beings are benevolent and seeking to uplift humanity.  Evidence garnered investigating the Reed Family Abductions that propelled the case to the United Nations (and the historical society’s ledger) include strong electromagnetic fields  (ELF) and radioactive hot spots as are often foundat the site of the experience in many documented UFO cases .

Manchester, CT Attorney Robert Blechman represented the case that was presented before the United Nations on Oct 2, 1992. 

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure has been pushing for full release of all evidence of interactions between governments and other non-Earth based civilizations for decades. Most recently Steven Bassett of Paradigm Research Group announced Disclosure Petition VII  to the White House, which calls for President Obama to support congressional hearings to take testimony from scores of military/agency/political witnesses to events and evidence confirming an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.


“The last time the United States Congress held a hearing on the extraterrestrial presence issue was in 1968,” comments Basset, “This new White House petition calls for presidential support for Congressional Hearings regarding extraterrestrials because military and political witnesses of rank and station are ready to testify before Congress.”

Another recent announcement, regarding disclosure of extraterrestrials, was detailed in a press conference televised live from Mexico City’s Auditorio Nacional regarding the Be Witness Event coming May 5, 2015 and hosted by Jamie Maussan, where speakers, Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon, Carol Rosin who developed the Treaty to Ban Space-Based Weapons and Donald Schmidt, head of the UFO museum a Roswell, NM will make disclosure announcements publically.  Maussan states that this event will be televised to countries world-wide from Mexico’s largest auditorium of 10,000 attendees. 

In a recent interview on Revolution Radio’s Lost Knowledge, Maussan stated:

“It is time for us to become cosmic adults and end the secrecy that has stifled our progress as a civilization and now we can become united global citizens of this planet. We are making this announcement from the largest city in the world and broadcasting to many countries.”  

Maussan feels that the impact of this announcement could change history.

Carol Rosin and many who have for decades been involved in global efforts to prevent the weaponization of outer spacehope that we can use this cause as a stimulus  to unite the world towards peace once  revelations are made concerning disclosure.

“It is time for us to acknowledge our place in the cosmos as sovereign Earth citizens and begin a new era of peace and prosperity for our planet,” states Rosin, who has been on a relentless life-long campaign to avoid and forestall the weaponization of space.  When we become a unified planet of fully conscious citizens, we will understand that our place within the cosmos begins with peace here on Earth which means, not just disclosure of other races, but of establishing a foundation for permanent peace.

For a greater understanding of how vast the interactions with Earth are, we need only look into information provided by them.  

In her gripping novel “THE EMISSARY,” author and ET investigator Patricia Cori puts forward the idea that peaceful alien colonies have existed in our deep oceans for millennia. Isn’t it time we focus our energies and perception on the possibilities that peaceful beings from other realms may be attempting to assist in Earth’s difficult evolution, rather than holding to a perception of a whole new breed of terrorists?”

Corsi’s ideals are far from science fiction, and the awareness of multi dimensional cultures expands us to new, deeper levels of understanding of who we are as a species and where we need to go on our evolution.  

Patricia Cori had been on a campaign for decades to share  her revelations with you regarding our alien connections, our place here as an evolving species, Earth’s evolution and reveals why the US Navy is destroying our oceans with ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) warfare.

The Boston Globe article <linked below>, the induction of the Reed Family UFO Case into American historical records,  Citizen Hearings and the “Be Witness” event are all leading to what we already know deep in our souls, namely, that we are part of a much larger society of multi-dimensional life connected thru membranes of time and energy.However, we still lack the science to understand our relationship to the Cosmos completely, but one thing is certain: we need to change the course of our history to save this planet.  Becoming a unified, peaceful planet will pave the way for galactic peace on many levels and honesty from government, open disclosure, is the first step towards achieving that goal.

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