UFO Sighting in Gaston, Oregon on January 30th 2015 – Pulsating white light in the West not moving in the A.M.

I went up to feed my livestock,when I noticed a very bright light in the sky. I thought it must be a plane coming towards me so I went about feeding the animals. I kept an eye on it and it had not moved so I decided this was strange and got out my I-phone and took a picture of it. I watched it for five more minutes and than fog came in and covered up the lights. The lights pulsated on the ends of it, the left side was brighter than the right. My little I-phone does not do justice to what I saw. I blew up the picture and you can see that it looks like the lights are connected to each other. I saw my neighbor a week later and told her about it and showed her the picture on my phone. She told me she had seen the same light three nights in a row. I will try to send you to photo.

I would like to know what your thought are on this.

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