UFO Sighting in Texas City, Texas on February 25th 2015 – Triangular lights above Texas City TX

headed south and noticed a triangular formation to the east of me. I had to turn and when i was again facing the lights (few minutes time) the top light had broke formation and was traveling in a northwestern direction. Well i had to stop on the side of the road to take pictures and try to view it with my binoculars. I wish I could have gotten the formation before the top craft broke it. I was in awe because I here people talking about lights in a triangular shape and I had never experienced it. These lights seemed awful low to me when I first noticed them and they were just staying still until that one on top moved. When it moved I was video taping them and had noticed that when I viewed it on a big screen and not my cell phone screen I could see a small flashing silvery-blue light going the opposite direction and faster than the craft it was flying by. It also seemed to fly in a uneven path and would get close to the craft. Well the first light got to the distance where I couldn’t see it behind the church that I was at. I filmed the other two lights as the second light had broke formation and was taking the same path as the first light. Seemed like it was almost identical in height and speed as the first one and on the exact path as the first one as well. That one had passed behind the church so I couldn’t see it anymore. I looked at the third light but my arms were sore from holding the big heavy camera that I finally had to go home.

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