Alien Encounter in Winter Garden, Florida on February 26th 2015 – Tall Grey; Claimed to be Alien #6

I was sleeping at the Like Tiki Resort in Winter Garden, Florida on the morning of Tuesday, February 26, 2015. It was around 5:30AM when an usual creature appeared to me. It was very tall (7 feet?) and looked like a hybrid between human and “Grey”. It was wearing a dark cloak with 2 color bands on it’s collar (orange and yellow).

The being didn’t look directly at me, but was slightly looking to its right. Therefore, I was looking mostly at the left side of it’s face. It spoke to me, but it didn’t move it’s lips. It said the following, “I am a well-known member of your society. You know who I am. I am Alien number six.”. I responded, “Who are you? What is your name?” It bend to its right as to pick something up off the ground, but then I woke up.

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