Black Triangle Sighting in Prescott, Arizona on March 13th 1997 – I observed the Phx lights descend from space

I believe I was one of the first few witnesses of the Phoenix lights.

I was going camping at some Native American ruins about 17 miles north of Prescott, AZ. I noticed a bright cluster of stars far to the north and high up in the sky. If I put my arm straight out, and spaced my fingers at the widest point they would have been less than half of an inch. They did not appear natural (they were very bright and shaped like a boomerang) so I watch them wondering what constellation it was.

After approx. 5 minutes, I thought that they may have been aircrafts in a wedge formation as they were getting closer. Within 15 minutes it was right above me. I felt that I could have hit it with a rock it was that close. It was one craft with 5 white lights. I thought it was a Stealth bomber as it was shaped like a triangle and blocked out the stars, but it was completely silent. I estimated it to be about 1 mile wide.

I only share this now because I believed I saw it “swoop” down from what appeared to be space and figured I was probably one of the first few to see it.

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