UFO Sighting in Auburn, Washington on February 27th 2015 – About 20-30 bright red round objects ascended a few at a time from ground level up a hill and over my head.

I was coming home from work and noticed a red object above my car above the treetops. I thought it might be a helicopter, but I had to turn left and then couldn’t see it. I got home and parked my car on the hill and tried to look for the object but didn’t see it. All of a sudden I saw red objects shooting up the hill. They were round red lights and looked like they were close to the bottom of the hill or close to the ground and ascending up the hill over my head. Someone was walking down the sidewalk and I got out of my car and said do you see those. They said “yes” and I said “what are they”. They said “I don’t know, and they walked on.” I then called my grandson who lives with me to come downstairs and look out the front door. He did and saw the sky full of these objects just like I was seeing them. They looked awesome. There must have been 20-30 at least moving in a SE direction. They got further away until they disappeared. I always look at red lights in the sky since I saw another one in June 2014 that was dull red moving along the treetops. Again, at first I thought it might be a helicopter. I was on the top floor of a parking garage when I first saw it and I waited for it to get closer. All of a sudden I saw a red zig zag line that scared me and I jumped. It then turned into kind of a diamond shape with a bunch of lights. It was not too large but I am unsure how far away it was. This one was more complicated looking and hard to explain. It disappeared so I got out of my car and looked up and saw a red rim and what looked like an outline of a disc in the dark. Then it completley disappeared. I am not sure why these objects are in the small town that I live in. Seeing something twice within a few months is a little unnerving. It’s too bad I am not tech savy since I could have a lot of awesome pictures. I was too nervous to even get the camera on my cheap “pay as you go” phone to work.

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