UFO Sighting in Daly City, California on February 28th 2015 – Two bright, pulsating lights high up in sky moving together up at an angle and away from my location

Got up from watching TV just before 10am to go to kitchen. Was looking outside my window, as the view is nice, and noticed two lights traveling in tandem. They were tilted at an angle of approx 30 degrees with the light on the left being the upper end. The left light was dimmer than the right light. Both were pulsating, but always alit. Since I look towards a major airport, there are often planes in the sky, but this object appeared to be travelling along a path that I have not seen an airplane take and did not look like an airplane. I first thought UFO, then determined that it was moving, and not a stationery planet I was seeing, and so to me this validated the thought. The two lights looked to be moving together, equidistant the entire time, taking into consideration the retreating angles. As I observed the lights, they were moving up as well as further away, in a WSW direction. The angle of ascension was about 40 degrees and the lights got smaller while observing them. After about a minute, the dimmer left side light was not visible. After another minute or so, neither was visible. I was in awe at the possiblity of what I had seen, and thought it was “pretty cool”. I was trying to discern anything between the lights, but was not able to do so. Weather was sunny, prdominantly clear, with a few puffy clouds. Just after the disappearance, I then saw an airplane making as ascent from the nearby airport, I did not take video as my equipment is inadequate; taking photos of the sky through either the screen or the dirty window has been a failure in the past; and I did not want to stop watching and risk missing anything.

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