UFO Sighting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 26th 2015 – Thought it was a group helicopters at first…then noticed the weard random movements…Then they formed a v shap and ligned up and flew off so high I could not see anymore. I took a quick video and pictures with ma cell phone.

Driving north on Frankford ave in NE Philadelphia…Noticed lights swirling around…had to look twice because there were wires on both sides of the street and directly above for electric buses…I thought it was reflections of some sort at first. When it came apparent it was not I pulled over on a side street and took some video and photos until they disappeared into the sky…Could not see anymore. 1 video is poor but shows 1 flying and 2 photos clearly show the v pattern. I seen this pattern on a you tube video of UFOs over Philadelphia when I was looking up this.

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