Black Triangle Sighting in Ravenna, Michigan on February 3rd 2015 – I just saw a set of 3 lights, 2 red and 1 white

I had gone out between 4:15 and 4;30AM with my dog. I always look up at the sky to see the stars or whatever is up there. I have seen meteors, flashes of lights and all kinds of aircraft. This morning as I was looking up just over the trees by my house I noticed 2 flashing red lights then just forward of them a flashing white light. All I could think was that plane was flying awful low. After standing there for about 25 to 30 seconds it flew out of sight behind the trees. After standing there for about a minute of so I happened to notice the total lack of sound from the object!! Got to say that freaked me out! This object seemed to be at least 50 or so feet across and about 30 feet front to back. I could not actually see the object itself but am judging by the spacing of the lights!! I have been directly under the fight path of a stealth bomber and that has a very distinctive sound whereas this object was totally silent! Not 100% sure it was a UFO but it definitly was NOT a plane!!

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