UFO mystery in France goes on, again a UFO spotted next to the Eiffel Tower – Feb 27, 2014

What is happening in France is very interesting: Many nuclear sites have been visited by drones, but the info now from testimonials is changing into UFO sightings.

The French government is on high alert due to a large amount of UFO sightings over nuclear power plants since October, 2014. Most media outlets suspect that the objects are drones, but not all of the witnesses are convinced. If they are drones, the authorities say they do not know who they belong to. Read more at Openmindstv.

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Plants are not the only ones affected by these disturbing aerial inspection tours: on the night of January 26 and 27 unknown objects flew over the military site Long Island in the harbor of Brest and a French nuclear ballistic missile was also visited in the evening of October 31, 2014.

Also other sites were visited: the central of Saint-Laurent-des-Eaux (Loir-et Cher), Dampierre en Burly (Loiret), Belleville-sur-Loire (Cher), Fessenheim (Haut-Rhin), Flamanville (Manche) and Penly (Seine-Maritime).X Drones flew over Paris on two consecutive nights, hovering over sensitive or tourist areas including the Eiffel Tower and the US Embassy.

On January 20, another vehicle was spotted above the Élysée palace. This mini wave of drones on the capital comes after the more worrying flights over the French nuclear plant by a fleet of unidentified devices.

The overview of nuclear power plants is prohibited within a radius of five kilometers and 1,000 meters above sea level around the sites. The airspace above a nuclear power plant is monitored by the air force, as part of an agreement with EDF, “says AFP.

Authorities have suspected the objects were drones flown by anti-nuclear activists to demonstrate that the plants were open to terrorist attacks via drones. However, the drones are of such a high level of sophistication that the authorities have not been able to track them. They have been reported as unidentified drones, but a director at one of the plants in France says, unequivocally, that these were not drones, they were UFOs.

But after three months of overflights who question the safety of the French nuclear fleet, no arrests have been made, no drone was shot down and no serious track is considered, at least publicly. They do not even know what kind of equipment is used.

Witness reports:

Case 1:

We saw a big bright spot of white (colorless) on the horizon heading North East to Donzac (above Donzac to be precise) at around 4-5 kilometers from us, and at an altitude of about 200 meters (not much higher than the towers of the plant itself).

Then the vehicle began to move slowly at very low speed. While pivoting on itself as to initiate a turn. At that time, I could see with binoculars (and my friend to the naked eye) a second type flash light.

Then it began to move more quickly, at the speed of a small Cessna airplane, heading more towards St Loup, after it made a fairly tight while pointing in our direction. As it moved closer to us, I could see a red dot with binoculars clearly enough, bright enough too.

At about 300 meters from us, from the front, still with it’s big white spot, it remains nearly stationary about 15 to 20 seconds. I then had the time, my friend, too, to see the shape. It has a form of a “plane.” There was no noise … nothing. I could see two wings. Its wingspan was good 6-7 m.

Case 2:

Using my binoculars, I observed a black triangular UFO with three flashing lights about 500 meters from me

I was very surprised because I had good view as the UFO was not moving very fast. Despite I could not see the whole contours of the UFO, I saw wings, but it was a bit the effect of a mirage in the dessert.

To sum up: a large object from six to seven meters wide, flashing lights, blurred shape “like a mirage,” a variable speed ranging from on-site to that of a private plane, no noise, “flashes strobe “the witness interpreted as the flashes of a camera … It is clear that this type of” drone “is not found at the local supermarket.

Case 3:

We spotted an unknown object passing very close two nuclear reactors.

It made no noise (engine, whistling etc.) there was no breath, no smell. The object continued his journey in silence and then about thirty yards away to my left, it pivoted on his right and left still slowly gaining altitude heading towards a hill.

The object was so low that for us it was not above the center of the plant and about 150/200 meters from the plant. The object passed the two nuclear reactors very close. It flew over the aisle, the Security Building Site without causing an alarm to our surprise.

The two witnesses, Pascal and Sofiane, aged 44 and 20 years old at the time, contacted the GEIPAN but they were in complete disagreement and were told that it was likely a plane.

And the UFO mystery goes on. On February 27, 2015, a witness captured another unknown object next to the Eiffel Tower. See the video below:

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