UFO Sighting in Milford, Pennsylvania on February 27th 2015 – Two Nights, Fri 2/27 at 7:30 pm and Sat 2/28 at 5:30 pm, wife and I saw two multi lighted objects, one very large in the sky and one in the tree line

Friday,Feb 27, 7:30 pm, wife and I heard a small boom, I don’t know where that sound came from, I thought it came from the back of the house. As I looked out my sliding glass door I noticed a fairly large light, too big to be a star, I then had the wife look and we both agreed it was no star it was too big, but it wasn’t moving either. I got my cheap binoculars and we immediately saw multiple colored lights along with a distinctive shape, disc oval. Went outside to get a better look and saw two lights at near ground level in the woods. Red and white light.
No explanation for those lights near the ground, for there is no structures behind us for miles, my property borders state forest. Watched these two objects for 50 minutes, the large object in the sky started to move away at approximately 8:10 in a N/E direction toward the lights near the ground, by 8:20 pm both objects were gone.
SATURDAY Feb 28, approximately 5:30 pm a much clearer night and more daylight than the previous night. We got a LIGHT SHOW is how I will describe it. I looked out and again saw the bright large light in just about the same spot, this time I grabbed my good Nikon binoculars and got the shock of my life, We could see the object itself along with blinking colored lights and spinning in place, it stayed spinning but stationary. I was compelled to have somebody else witness this, I called my neighbor and him and his wife also witnessed all of this, spinning different colored lights. I then thought to go on the side of my house and see if I see the two lights in the woods that I saw the night before. I got another shock, I can only describe what I saw as a light show. I got my neighbor to come and look with my binoculars. What he saw blew him away, this object was somewhere at ground level, but we could not describe how far or how close. But again this multi lighted object was spinning and flashing, it appeared to be in some way either communicating or signaling to the other object which seemed to be a huge distance away. Let me be clear we are not sure of this communicating that I mentioned. We only suspect it because the object near the ground seemed to roll and the lights seemed to correlate with the other. Meaning, white lights on one object, then object on ground would roll again and it would show blue lights and simultaneously the object in the sky would show similar colored lights, and so on. The other reason for our conclusion, is when both objects move away, they move in the same direction. That’s our story, Were just wondering if this could be explained or was this something that can’t be explained. And, DID anyone else observe this? We have two minutes of video also. We would be glad to tell this in detail, if anyone is interested.

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