UFO Sighting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 28th 2015 – String of star-like objects over Stadiums near Airport, completely stationary then moving at constant rate

This is my first sighting. I was in the passenger seat of my friend’s car with another friend in the backseat. We were leaving Philadelphia a little after 11pm via the Walt Whitman Bridge past the Stadiums and near the Airport. I drive through this area constantly (multiple times a day) and am very familiar with the air traffic.
I saw a string of 7 or so lights spaced slightly uneven from about 10 degrees above horizon up to maybe 75 degrees. They seemed like individual objects in a formation and glowed yellow (almost orange). They appeared almost exactly like a constellation. My first thought was that the stars were bright on this night until I observed that there was absolutely no glimpse of stars anywhere else. As we travelled east my perspective of the objects changed and I saw that they were actually very close (possibly a mile away) and could not have been attached to anything man-made because of the constant and deliberate spacing and the sheer height of highest light. They were probably 4 or 5 times the height of Citizens Bank Park, but the lowest seemed about level with the stadiums. I discussed with the other passenger what they could be, and as we pondered an airplane taking off from the Philly Airport flew over and gave us the perspective we needed to realize these objects weren’t attached to a building, a string, or anything else we could think of. We ruled out Chinese lanterns. Only industrial buildings are underneath, and these objects were much too stationary and singular in brightness. At this point we realized we were watching something unidentifiable to us, and we continued to observe as we started crossing the bridge. Unfortunately, the driver could not look back at this point since the lights were now out the back window of the car near the passenger side, and driving over the bridge at that time is difficult. And unfortunately the lights were now too far away to snap a decent photo. At this point the bottom 3 lights (which were a bit closer together and more horizontal in relationship than the rest) started moving in various directions so that we could rule out the fact that they might have been attached to something larger if manmade. The objects did not disappear or move much more before we drove out of sight, so the actual duration of the event is unknown.
I immediately searched online for any news or reports, but didn’t find anything until I got home and checked the recent reports on here. What I found was interesting because CASE 63646 on Feb 26th 2015 (2 days earlier) described very similar objects on the opposite end of the city. The photos uploaded for that particular event were exactly what I saw, but the movement described in that case was much more sophisticated and less static. However, based on the final movement by the bottom objects in my case, I see no reason to believe these objects weren’t capable of those maneuvers and would even go as far as to say we saw the same objects, based on the closeness in time, space, and appearance. I just want to know what I saw, and am reporting this so that other people who witnessed something similar (or this exact event) can be assured they saw something phenomenal without fear of ridicule. Very interesting.

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