Black Triangle Sighting in lancashire , England on May 31st 1995 – large black triangle in sky above car on motorway for 20mins

I was travelling in the rear of a vehicle on the m6 motorway in the Lancashire are, possibly north of Preston UK, with 2 friends in the front. We had been camping and were returning home. I can’t remember the exact date but I can remember it was June 1995 and the time was around 2am.
I happened to look out the rear window and immediately noticed a large black triangle in the sky, with three reddish lights one on each corner. It was difficult to tell in a moving vehicle, and in the dark, exactly how far away the object was and whether it was moving or stationary, but it was definitely there and very distinct.
I said to my friend who was in the front passenger to look at it, which he turned himself around in the seat and did and he witnessed the object too.
We both continued to watch out the rear window, the object being at about a 45 degree angle, for several minutes, at first the object seem to stay at the same pace as the car, but after these few minutes it began to fade in the distance as we were moving on the motorway, this made me realise that at some point it must have became stationary. It faded further to the point were it had almost vanished, I could just about make out the lights, when unbelievably the friend who was driving the car said “is that what your looking at” and pointed up out of his front window, again about a 45 degree angle, and there it was a huge triangle, around several 100 feet above the car, but again difficult to tell exact height. However what was evident to me immediately was I had just watched the object disappear in the rear distance, only for it to appear in front of the car literally in the blink of an eye. This completely amazed me.
This observation to the front of the car, the triangle was extremely clearly silhouetted even more as the light in the night sky had changed looking out the front window as opposed to the rear. The sighting was also now confirmed by a 3rd witness. The driver had not been able to see the object when it was behind the car for obvious reasons, but he could now see it too.
The object again seemed stationary as almost straight after seeing it again it moved back to the rear window, I.e. we seemed to be travelling under it. And again the object faded into the rear distance over a period of several minutes, when amazingly the exact same thing happened again, the triangle appeared in front of the car in seconds. We were all completely transfixed by what was happening.
This 2nd time, the object seemed to move forward with the car for around 5 minutes, 45 degrees out the front window to the right hand side.
It’s next movement amazed us further, it moved extremely quickly forward, turning to the left with a long bending movement, and started to descend, travelling across our path, I.e from the right hand side across the motorway onto our left, and after about 30 seconds it had moved about 90 degrees to the left hand side of the vehicle and still very visible and still moving, when it eventually disappeared behind a tree line.
We did not see the object again.
Some points:
-The whole event last around 15-20 minutes.
-For brief moments the outline of the triangle would disappear, particularly when the viewing angle was lower and it seemed to descend at the end of the event, However, it was always clearly visible by the lights on each corner, they were constantly visible, sometimes bright and sometimes faded, but constantly visible.
-the 1st occasion the object moved to the front of the car I saw it for at least one or two full minutes very very clearly, whatever it was it was very large, very dark with a clear definitive triangle outline, had a reddish light on each corner. Very very clear sighting.
-I have been fascinated by these triangles ever since, and UFOs in general, and have wondered for 20 years whether what I actually saw was an extraterrestrial object, or a government project of some kind that the public are unaware of, whatever it was it was definitely real and I will never forget it!

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