UFO Sighting in Chicago, Illinois on March 29th 1983 – 3 different shapes; flipping motion; ascended and gone in a couple of seconds.

The event happened when I was three years old, back in 1983. My parents were looking into buying a new house and we were out driving with the real estate agent to the new prospective house. It was late in the cold, March or April day. The details I cannot quite remember. But I know it was dark, and seemed kind of late to me at the time.
We were driving west and to the right of us was an open field, with a line of hospital buildings spotting the terrain. My father was driving, the real estate agent was in the front, and my mother, brother(three years my elder), and myself were all in the backseat.
My brother and I were both looking out of the back window, upside down-like. And that’s when we both spotted the three objects that were approaching the field and descending. We quickly got our mothers attention, and she looked out and saw as well. I remember her saying, “What the hell is that?!” And that’s when the real estate agent looked out to his surprise and saw the same anomaly.
There were three objects, now hovering. As I remember they were three different shapes (although my brother only remembers seeing one).
I remember seeing a triangle, a rectangle, and a circle. All of them had lights (I don’t remember colors), and the strangest thing that I recall was that they were all moving in a flipping motion.
They came within a few hundred feet above the tree lines, and the only one that didn’t get a chance to see them was my father. By the time he pulled the car over (which my mother demanded he did so he can see it), the objects flew away straight up into the sky and out of sight faster than anything I’ve ever seen. The real estate agent’s face was pure white and he said, “I’ve never seen anything like that before…”
I was very young, but in shock. I could not sleep that night, and that memory will always be with me. I just want some validity to it. I just want to know that what I saw was real.
This did happen very close to O’Hare Airport (about 2-3 miles). But I’m sure what we saw didn’t move in any form of physics that we have ever seen. And here I am, 32 years later. And I still recall. We still recall.

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