UFO Sighting in Florida on July 31st 2005 – It cloaked

Delivering pizza on canaveral Groves blvd heading West , dusk pink sky no clouds at all! I grew up in a military air force family . Ive been to many airshows. The object i saw was spherical , reflected pink sky off of it. Watched it for 5-6 seconds it was about 20,000-30,000 altitude in front but miles away at least 4 or more! It seemed as if it was trying to get my attention, the area in the sky it was i to catch my eye to look at it, and im the only one who saw it probably so i feel it was trying to get my attention on purpose!
I looked down for one second then back and it disappeared, impossible!!
I searched rest of ride to house on date palm drive, gave th their pizza, i delivered pizza for ten years as a second job. Turned around and looked and studied the huge empty sky looking for snything and sign, then i noticed something, a commercial jet liner entering its airspace, i judged sizes UFO was two times size of jetliner!!!
Two times the size!!! Woah, huge as hell!!! And to just hover and sit up there!
I feel this is how flight on way to australia disappeared a few months ago!! My heart tells me so!!
My mufon report on this was deleted so im posting it again!!
A month after reprting this in 05′ the show ” invasion” came on Tv! Watch it and learn ASAP
Ive been waiting my whole life for this moment and i got it!
I couldnt be happier, maybe next teport ill talk about telepathic contact before sleep one night when something actually made contact, err my foot hit something that told me to swing my goor further waiting to fall asleep! Awesome

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