UFO Sighting in Rachel, Nevada on February 23rd 2015 – In Dark Skies off the Extra Terrestrial Highway saw in the North a Round Glowing object with a tail of Red fire that seemed to be plasma with charged particles

A friend from the recent Open Minds UFO Congress and myself were on Groom Lake Road 7-1/2 miles south of the Extra Terrestrial Highway 25 miles east of Rachel Nevada.

We had turned around at the entrance to Nellis and being in the lead car stopped, turned off my lights and used my Iphone Dark Sky Meter app to take a reading of the darkness of the sky. My friend pointed north and said look at that!

We were both transfixed as we saw a glowing red round or spherical object with red fire shooting out of the back and sparks as if it were charged particles ignited by plasma. The Unconventional Flying Object was as slow as an airliner in its final approach and seemed to be on a trajectory to the Nellis base.

Neither of used our phones or grabbed a camera to photograph the object as we couldn’t take our eyes off it.

I estimate it was 15 degrees above the horizon and close within 5 miles maybe closer. It came in from the North and headed SouthWest. They sky had intermittent clouds. We may have spent 1 minute or more watching the object.

It appeared to turn south south east and we lost it in cloud cover actually we both stopped watching it and did not really lose sight of it.

There was no lost time recorded.

No feelings of anxiety or fear accompanied the sighting.
I can provide a sketch and map later.

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