UFO Landing in Pensacola, Florida on November 21st 2012 – one minute i was about to hit it with my car, next thing i was on right median stopped car in park

I was traveling on I-10 east bound around Pensacola Florida about 2:15 to 2:30 AM the Saturday before Thanksgiving 2012, i was doing 75 mph pulling a trailer with my motorcycle on it, i noticed two 18 wheelers ahead of me about 300 yards in the right lane, when i got about 35 yards from them i started to get in the left lane, all of a sudden a BRIGHT LIGHT appeared in the left lane with an object about the size of a large car in front of the light, i slammed on my brakes and my tires were sliding, the back end of my truck was starting to slide sideways, i thought to my self that i was going to hit this thing and die, the next thing i know is i was about 100 yards ahead of the trucks parked on the right side median, i waited a minute or two to get my bearings, i got out and checked the front and back of my truck and my bike, absolutely nothing was wrong with anything which i thought was impossible, there was NO WAY that i missed what was in the road, IT WAS RIGHT THERE in front of me, i looked back and saw the two trucks stopped in the road and the left side of the road was still lit up like it was day time, i looked at it for about 3 minutes, there was no smoke,no other cars coming my way nothing was happening so i got a flashlight from my truck and started walking towards the 2 trucks,i walked about 25 yards then stopped, i got this feeling that i should not go over there so i went back to my truck and watched for about another 2-3 minutes and still no movement no sound nothing so i got back in my truck and left. Still to this day i know that there is no way that i could have missed what was in the road, i believe that something saved my life that night, what it was i will never know.

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