UFO Sighting in Titusville, Florida on November 30th 1968 – UFO Hovered Benaeth High Voltage Power Line, Close Encounter of the First Kind

On 30 November 1968 at approximately 02:00 hrs local in Titusville, Brevard County, Florida while traveling North on Interstate 95 I and another individual in the vehicle witnessed at UFO hovering beneath a high voltage power line to the West of the highway (coordinate 28.494738N 80.833144W).

We stopped to watch the UFO, which was 250 feet away(distance verified on Google Earth). The UFO was approximately 20 feet in length and 8 feet high, very dark flat gray, no windows, no sound, shaped like a football with the nose cut off and had slightly concave sides. There were 3 red light on the front(top and bottom corners)and a large bright white light on the rear point. If viewed from the bottom the UFO would probably have appeared as an elongated triangle with curved sides.

After observing the UFO for what may have been a minute I was suddenly aware that that we were again moving and some distance from where we had stopped. Did we lose time, were we abducted, I’m not sure I want to know!

Interestingly this event took place three week before the launch of Apollo 8 on 21 December at the nearby Kennedy Space Center .

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