UFO Sighting in Vassar, Michigan on June 25th 2014 – Observed a glowing orb floating around porch, then a saucer shaped craft in sky above house

It was about 3 am on 06/25/2014. It was hot in my house and I was unable to sleep, so without turning on any lights, I got up and went to open my front door to get some air. When I opened the door I observed a glowing object floating around the bushes next to my porch. It was smaller than a basketball, about the size of a melon. It was not a solid glow but seemed to glow more in some places than others with a bluish-white light. It moved around the bushes similar to the way a butterfly would move, as if it was checking out the bushes. I was dumbfounded. When it got to where I couldn’t see it from inside, I stepped out on the porch and watched it go several feet further along the bushes, then it flew up into the tree near my porch. After it flew up into the tree I couldn’t see it any more. I went back into my house and went to the window to see if I could spot it in the tree. As I leaned forward to look up in the tree, I noticed a craft of some kind sitting in the sky between and above my house and the tree. It immediately moved slowly so it was positioned behind the tree where I could no longer see it. It had at least 2 white lights on the bottom. It made no noise. It’s basic shape was saucer shaped but the dome on top was more angular shaped than rounded. I went back out on the porch to see if I could see it. It had just started raining. I couldn’t see it from the porch and was a little hesitant to go out in the yard to try to spot it. I then went back inside and to my back porch but could no longer see it. I just want to know, whether it is from this planet or some other, what it was doing in my yard at 3 am.

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