UFO: THE SEARCH CONTINUES is Pat Regan’s second book on the astonishing UFO phenomenon. In this unique study, Pat Regan continues on from where his last book on this subject, UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH, left off.

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Once again Pat Regan has collected numerous unusual UFO and Alien reports from around the globe and presented them in a logical and easygoing fashion. UFO witnesses have had their sightings and experiences recorded in detail and with respectful accuracy by the author.

Pat makes no one-sided pronouncements about the matters at hand and leaves the reader to make up their own mind about strange things that many people have witnessed.

UFO: THE SEARCH CONTINUES does not attempt to specialise on any one particular UFO sighting but instead provides food for thought and debate in relation to the many true stories within.

UFO: THE SEARCH CONTINUES is not fiction but facts gathered from the international community.  


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