UFO Sighting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on March 4th 2015 – Saw Alien, messages, lights, webs, glowing creatures…

My experience has happened numerous times over several years.. Latest events have happened every night for the past week or so and have been the most interesting sequence of events.

Started with alien watching me and my husband in darkness. They were primate-like and non threatening at all. One was leaning over and watching my husband very closely. The other was leaning over me.. I spoke to it, and could not hear the reply only saw it’s mouth moving…. Many sightings of brightly colored glowing webs with creatures and different things.. this night was the first time I saw a creature. Then for the next few nights I saw various bright-colored creatures.. I saw a huge grid on the wall behind the TV .. It had about 6 inch letters and pictures – but I couldn’t figure it out before it disappeared. Same night, again a grid but this time I heard in my husbands voice him calling me to look though he was asleep.. I again saw a grid over his entire chest with letters and amazing drawings of various animals.. Again, I could not figure it out before it disappeared… One more time that same night – a grid on the sheets – I tried to straighten it out to see, but again it disappeared.. These events have happened on and off the past week or more.. Last night – again there was a huge grid on wall.. This time there were English words and phrases – but one block on the grid was a clock with the hands moving forward quickly.. The clock was the only character on the grid that was both RED and FLASHING.

The times there were webs with various things on them – it was huge and across the ceiling… A number of times I could feel the various creatures in the web with my hand. A few times there were creatures on the covers of the bed.. I could FEEL the movement on the covers.. Two nights ago three insects kept flying around the room.. They landed on the bed and all disappeared at the same time.. When the grid appeared on the wall – I got a flashlight, and they disappeared immediately. Same with turning on the light….

I have never been scared (except when the web had spiders and I’m afraid of them). I truly feel they are trying to send a message of some sort.. I just can’t decipher it. When I wake my husband to look – he sees nothing.. I have been awake when these experiences happen, so that convinced me I was not dreaming. One time a web and etc happened when I was out of the country.. . I could feel them in my hand and feel them walking on the bed – etc. But, when I turn on the light, they disappear.. I have tried to take pictures – but have not seen anything on them when I have. I have tried to look carefully on the grid on the wall with the light of the television, but don’t have much time to do so before they disappear..

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