UFO Sighting in Washington, Washington on February 14th 2015 – Flame-like light in structure on low straight-line path, silent

In darkness, around 8:15 pm, husband was having cigarette on back deck of home and looked around house to northeast when he saw structure approaching over neighborhood hill and treetops, and called wife to see. When he first saw it, husband thought it was Chinese lantern. Both saw it move in a straight line toward their home. It passed close to overhead, to the NW of them watching from back deck, traveling NE to WSW. It looked like a flaming light in a structure, glowing red-orange-yellow from within, with the light shimmering like heat. It cruised low and silent. It looked like it was 50-100 feet over the treetops. It passed low such that it was behind trees as it approached. Husband thought structure was rectangular; wife thought it was pyramid-shaped. It moved at a fairly slow but completely constant speed and direction on windless night. Total time witnessed 1-2 minutes. Husband and wife were stunned and just watched transfixed, trying to make sense of what they were seeing. They watched it disappear over hill behind their home.

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