UFO Sighting in Peru, Nebraska on April 30th 1968 – Nuclear Connection Suspected at Brownville, Nebraska in 1968

While attending college at the campus of a thousand oaks located in the southeast corner of Nebraska in 1968, my world view took another turn. Some locals in downtown Peru mentioned to me that some students at a keg party had been frightened by some bright object that rose up out of the woods next to them the night before. There was quite a buzz in classes as spring was changing the landscape of this beautiful/remote campus. By the end of the week rumors were still flooding the campus. Shortly thereafter I heard that the Dean���s secretary had been followed by a bright light just outside here car window as she and her child were going from Peru to another town. The following week I had to go to the administration building and decided to approach her and ask a few questions.
Upon asking her about her experience she turned noticeable pale and began shaking. She gave a brief response about the event and I left, not wanting to upset her further. However, it was evident that she was extremely scared.

Later, a student told me that a disc ten feet in diameter had flown over down town Peru in broad daylight and that two local officials had seen it. They immediately jumped into a pickup and chased after the object to a wooded area near the Missouri River. Upon walking into the woods with loaded guns they suddenly looked at each other and retreated quickly. Even though they did not see anything in the woods they sensed that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I knew both of these individuals and they were not the type of people that scare easily.

As rumors of sightings continued on campus I became distracted by meeting and dating my future wife. For our first official date I had decided to take J for a walk along the bluffs of the Missouri River. There was a place about one mile south of downtown Peru that required about a twenty minute climb. At the top of the bluff there was a bench. Looking east, where we could see Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska. For several hours we enjoyed the view and got to know each other. As the sun went down we started back to the car. We arrived at the car as darkness fell. I was in the process of starting the car when J said, ���What���s that?���. I looked up to see where she was looking and then, upon looking to the east, I was blinded by phosphorus looking light hanging over the Missouri River. I couldn���t look directly at it for it was too bright. For the next fifteen minutes we watched as it hung there motionless then, it started to move to the south maintaining the same elevation of about 30 degrees. At this point I got out of the car to see if I could hear anything but no sound was coming from the object. Turning to the south I looked up at a ninety degree angle and observed four star-like objects moving around each other in outer space. As I turned to the west I looked north and saw one star-like object rising up off the northern horizon moving fast. In outer space, as it passed over me, another object split off of it to the west without losing speed. The original object continued to disappear off of the southern horizon. I later calculated its speed at approximately 80,000 MPH. Then, looking south again I followed the object that we had first seen dancing further south. After about twenty minutes it stopped at what appeared to be the same elevation directly over the nuclear station being built South of Brownville, Nebraska. Having rafted down this part of the river recently, I was familiar with the distance.

The student sightings continued for about a month and a half that spring until graduation. J and I got married and stayed in Peru for the summer. I wanted to get back out to the Missouri River valley for observations at night but driving back and forth to Nebraska City each day and working drove the agenda. I should note though that there was some reluctance on my part to going out there at night by myself���I never did. Before graduation I had tried unsuccessfully to get other students to go out with me. There is no doubt in my mind that the nuclear station was the main attraction. Along those bluffs at least 60 students and locals were involved in sightings during this time period. One of my friends had contacted Offutt Air Force base that spring but they didn���t share what was going on in those bluffs or in outer space. Overall, 1968 was an amazing year.

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