UFO Sighting in Whittier, California on March 4th 2015 – After noticing stationary bright light it started to move and circle around then meandered west out of view.

Before going to bed I took the dogs outside. When ever I go outside I always look at the night sky and pay attention to the planets and stars. When I looked up, it looked like there was an unknown planet next to Jupiter. I wondered to myself what that planet was. Then it started to move to the east, so then I thought it was the international space station. I watched it like I have watched the space station in the past but after about five seconds, to my shock and surprise the object did a u-turn and started heading west. I kept watching as it started to execute what looked like slow lazy downward spirals almost like a glider or sail plane. Then it would start climbing straight up and gain altitude which did not maneuver like any conventional aircraft I have ever seen. I ran to call my boys to come look. One son used his ipod to video for only a few seconds, why for only a few seconds, I don’t know. I told my other son to video the object too, but for some reason and to my dismay, he only took a few pictures. The object kept traveling up and down and circling around toward the west slowly then gaining speed as it climbed and then slowing down again and again. I looked at it through my binoculars and when it came towards my direction I saw three white lights in a straight line. When it circled and turned the other way, I think there were three red lights. I never heard any sound and there was no other aircraft in the area. It finally meandered toward the west and I couldn’t see it any more. The whole observation lasted for about twenty minutes. My boys and myself are left with the impression that this was not anything man made.

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