A triangle UFO over Mississippi – Spacing Out! Episode 105


A woman in Mississippi recorded video of a large triangle-shaped UFO. We discuss this and other space and UFO stories on this episode of Spacing Out! Jason McClellan also talks with Jessica Chobot, host of Nerdist News and of the Bizarre States podcast. Plus, we show you a brief glimpse of the 2015 International UFO Congress.

Stories discussed in this episode:

Scientists puzzled by strange lights on Ceres

Canadian UFO crash hoax

Large triangle UFO over Mississippi

**Special thanks to Jessica Chobot for taking the time to speak with us, especially since she was sick and on lots of cold medicine!

Developed and Produced by Jason McClellan & Maureen Elsberry
Hosted by Maureen Elsberry and Alejandro Rojas
Edited by Michael Cline
Music by Caleb Hanks

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