Black Triangle Sighting in Sharpsville, Nevada on October 23rd 2013 – UFO Style Ship Over the North Valleys of Northern Nevada Shot Down by unknown Military Craft

In the late evening around Oct. 23 2013 at approximately 2233 hours.
North Valleys, Reno-Stead, Nev.; Highway 395

Shortly leaving the house to go to work that evening upon getting onto the south bound lane of Highway 395 to head towards Reno, it was like every other night and routine. There was no clouds with in the sky, and the moon was behind Peavine Mountain.

In the far distance, over the hills leading east past Sparks, in the direction going towards Elko there was a bright light, at first thinking it was a brighter than normal star. After a few seconds it grew brighter and was coming closer; traveling west bound in the sky (upper atmosphere); changing my mind and now thinking is was a meteor coming into atmosphere and passing over the region, me and my wife went to slow down and pull the car over to the side of the road to watch it.

As it came closer and closer rather quickly, we noticed there was other objects following it, we at first passed it off as debris falling off. Which is where the events went from watching a rare event to a once in a life time occurrence that happened very fast and as soon as it started it was over. The object swooped to the left as if it was doing a barrel roll to dodge something, then roughly over the highway about 100-150 yards away from us and other vehicles the object in question appeared to have made an abrupt stop in the air approximately 600 feet above the ground and made a very extreme and hard turn to head north east (NE); this is where I noticed that this object, at this time was triangular shape, with a panel design what may have been the base (underbelly) with a strange design.

Large in size and chrome and grey coloring as well with a hex-base rear with three brightly glowing yellowish-orange orbs that left a bright trail of the same color that faded into white. As the object was making a very deep and low based (beyond baritone) hum, made the sharp left turn and directed the front into an angle, with what appeared to have ejected a spherical object from side; roughly the size of a small car (Volkswagen Beetle). The secondary object directly after being what seemed ejected out headed south west and gained altitude very quickly leaving a small vapor trail, with unknown jets flying overhead above the highway.

The main object at this point was now gaining altitude and appearing over the hills between Lemmon Valley and Golden Valley. Suddenly without warning the object exploded in the sky. A very extremely bright explosion which sounded like a very deep ���boom��� like thunder, as well it caused the sky to go from the traditional midnight blue and stars twinkling in the sky to a bright blue, and caused the area to light up very briefly; giving the impression that just a selected area was being viewed like it was around 0700 hours in the morning. Appearing shortly after the explosion seems to be two very dark colored / black Apache style attack helicopters and a dark colored smaller helicopter passed by overhead coming south heading north east, seeming low headed towards their direction.

During these events it seemed that there was difficulties with phones, cameras and radios within the area, causing a brief power bump for many. I contacted multiple radio stations to see if they obtained reports of it, as well local law enforcement ��� all of which detailed no report or knowledge of such events took place that they know of. Multiple vehicles that seemed to have noticed the event who either stopped or slowed downed went back to their normal routine.

After work, returning home that morning roughly around 0907 hours we made a pass by where it appeared to have exploded over on a few dirt trails. No evidence of debris within the area, and no evidence of video, or documentation was filed on the internet or with in the local region or university.

During the event it felt exciting, as well frightening; not knowing what took place or really how to explain it or who to talk to about the event. As well only able to use artistic talents to detail the ship as being the only evidence while having no photo or video, as well no other eye witnesses stepping forward due to uncertainty or fear of the unknown.

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