Secret Agreement Reveals Covert Program to Hide Reclassification from Public.

Bit of a hastily cobbled together thread due to time but did think this article may be relevant to the UFO subject -apparently the ‘National Archives Signed Deal with Air Force to Disguise Re-review of Open Files and Mislead Researchers on Reasons for Withdrawing Previously Open Records’.

Can certainly think of a few instances where UFO information is still being officially witheld by the U.S. Government (USAF data involving the Edwards AFB UFO incident classified for 30 years being a good example) -there’s also lots of claims about UFO documentation being ‘lost’ over the years, very recently by the NSA.


Secret Agreement Reveals Covert Program to Hide Reclassification from Public

The National Archives and Records Administration secretly agreed to a covert effort, led by the Air Force, the CIA, and other still-hidden intelligence entities, to remove open-shelf archival records and reclassify them while disguising the results so that researchers would not complain, according to a previously secret Memorandum of Understanding..

Thought researcher Kevin Randle also made some very good points below about ‘The Decline and Fall of FOIA’ and about how the teeth have been removed from it – also brought up is the fact that the Bush administration made several changes to the ‘interpretation’ of the FOIA laws and, in June 2003, the Department of Justice actually held meetings ‘to train FOIA officers how to keep more information from being disclosed under FOIA‘.

Also thought it apt that the U.S. Air Force is stated to be ‘one of the most notorious agencies of government in ignoring, denying, and essentially contravening the current requirements of the FOIA and related rules and law regarding Mandatory Declassification Review requests (MDRs)’ and wasn’t really surprised to learn that in 2007 they won the Rosemary award for worst FOIA performance from the National Security Archives group at George Washington University.



There are those who believe that the Freedom of Information Act is the gateway to all knowledge about UFOs. If you have a question, just file a FOIA request and the information will be sent to you. Anything you wish to know, you can learn, if you can find the right agency, form your questions intelligently, and if you have a little patience.

And I say crapola…

The point here is that it doesn’t seem that FOIA works as well as it used to. It seems that they can ignore repeated requests, and I really don’t want to pay an attorney two hundred dollars an hour to sue them for a response, only to learn that the information is considered vital to national security which would launch another lawsuit. They have the resources to dance, but we out here do not.Oh, I get it that lots of people file FOIA over trivia… but then, if the records weren’t hidden away, there would be no need for FOIA. And yes, I understand that some things are a matter of national security, but I’m not sure how that might relate to the Air Force investigations of Roswell since the Air Force said it was a balloon, or how it relates to the radar tracks of a commercial airliner more than two decades ago.FOIA just doesn’t work the way it used to and that is really all I’m saying..

I believe that the problem is systemic… the teeth have been removed from the FOIA laws, they now routinely charge, they categorize the requests, all to keep from having to do anything at all. It has nothing to do with UFOs and everything to do with keeping information, however routine and dull, from the public.

I had asked for something that should have been as simple as reviewing the Command Post logs on a single date. I just wanted to know if a telephone call had been made and if a radar track had been seen… Instead, I get a number of emails that have nothing to do with that and I still have no answer to my questions.

And, I have received absolutely no answer from one office at all. I have sent, over the last year, four separate requests for the very same information.

The point is that FOIA is sick and dying and that has nothing to do with UFOs.


Yes there’s lots of official UFO documentation out there (link) but it really does make a person wonder just what it is they are withholding and there are plenty of other examples of Government UFO files, sensitive military UFO reports, official UFO footage, gun camera photographs, radar tapes, satellite data, Military pilot transcripts, Control Tower tapes, Naval log books, official UFO meeting minutes, security footage, physical trace evidence samples and official UFO investigation records being withheld, missing, stolen, destroyed or confiscated here.

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