UFO Sighting in Karachi, Sindh on July 24th 2010 – a bright light raised above from my neighbours ground and moved over a mosque.

It was night,of course and there was no light in our area at that moment. My sister’s fianc��,my father and me were on our home’s roof. We live in a 3 story building,we were discussing about personal matters, and I noticed a star,white like a star but bright like a Sun.I know all of the stars that observable in southern hemisphere,So I knew it was definitely not a star.So I pointed it out to my sister’s fianc�� and my father and it was very below from the sky and around 30 to 40 feet above the ground, and then it started to rise upward,very slowly and then stopped at around 100 feet above the ground,then it started to move over a mosque which is just in front of my home and stopped over it,I was recording it all on my Nokia 6120C and I still have it, we all were amazed about it,but they were not as much as I am,so I ran downstairs to tell my sisters about what I saw,but they really didn’t care,by the time I came back,it was gone.I had a very poor quality camera that time, it was all shaky and low definition, but it was a complete reassemble to what happened in Jerusalem ,July 2007.I made this whole video on windows movie maker putting all the evidence at that time,and ignore my grammar,I was only 15 then.

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