UFO Sighting in Manvel, Texas on January 14th 2015 – while watching planes vapor tails in the sky, saw a disc shaped object.

I was working is Manvel, Texas in early January 2015(not sure of date or time, mid morning. I was looking at the airplanes in the sky because they were leaving vapor trails across the sky. While watching one plane crossing above me going from south to north leaving a vapor trial, I saw a round sphere straight above me. It was round in shape with a bronze color to it. I could only see the bottom of this craft. It did not move, but I was only able to watch it for a few seconds, before the only cloud in the sky drifted under it. I waited a few more minutes hoping to see it again. After the cloud moved away the craft was gone. It’s is hard to say how big it was, but it was smaller and lower than the plane passing over. When I saw it, I knew for sure what I was looking at.

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