UFO Sighting in Stockton-on-Tees, on March 4th 2015 – Vertical Bright Orange Light high in sky above North East England 4th March 2015 7.45 pm

At 7.45 pm on wednesday 4th march 2015 i came out of the house with my girlfiend to go to the local shops it was a clear night as i walked towards the car an amazing orange vertical light caught my eye i quickly told my girlfriend to look at it so aswell it seemed to be high up but towering and long vertical and was pulsating getting brighter then fading and brighter again i got my phone out to film it but it couldnt pick it up like the human eye so got my girlfriend to try her iphone it could only just make it out but just too dark on the phone , it was,nt a chinese lantern as ive seen them before , it was,nt a comet or shooting star as this was just staying in one place and was glowing and it was,nt the northern lights as they are multi coloured and dancing lights ..this was orange vertical and could,nt see any other lights or objects near to the tower of orange light .. we watched it until it faded to what looked like a star moving away, , when i looked at it and it just felt like it was,nt of this world ..it was something me and my girlfriend will never forget .. , the temperature that night was not that cold so i rule out ice crystals .. i may never know what it was but feel luck to have seen it

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