Mummified bodies discovered at Pico de Orizaba, the highest mountain in Mexico (Video)

Mummified bodies emerge from the ice of mountain Pico de Orizaba, Mexico after 55 years.

The expedition in the central state of Puebla was launched on Thursday after climbers found a frozen head sticking out of the glacier near the summit earlier in the week.

The first frozen and mummified body was found 1,000 feet from Pico de Orizaba’s peak. The second body was found about 300 feet away from the first body and was also frozen and mummified, according to Juan Navarro, mayor of the town of Chalchicomula de Sesma, near the mountain.

They suspect the bodies are the remains of two Mexican’s climbers, who went missing after an avalanche 55 years ago on the mountain.

A mission to recover the bodies from the Pico de Orizaba was suspended until Monday in order to build a special container to bring the remains intact, one of the rescue workers said.


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