UFO Sighting in Shirley, on June 15th 1997 – Silver Spherical Orbs – appx the size of a small car. 20 in total all moving in same direction initially. 4-5 of these peeled off and stayed behind and performed totally unrealy aerobatics and then continued on the same flight path as the rest..

I had just come in to work at the Automobile Association HQ in Halesowen for an Evening Shift and was called over by 4-5 colleagues who were watching something out of the East Wing Window in the operations centre. They pointed to about 20 Silver ORBS – reflective like Chrome ball bearings floating across our view in a steady formation. The majority of these continued on their journey – 2 of these stayed back and performed some incredible aerobatics shooting vertically through the cloud layer (which was quite low but visibility was otherwise crystal clear) – The sun was still setting and the sunset was reflecting on the under side of these objects. Their manouevres were totally off the scale as in their agility. I have been to may air shows and never seen any conventional plane perform such darting aerobatics. IF a pilot had been on board these objects, they would have certainly been killed due to the inertia and G-force. I could only say that who ever- or what ever was controlling or flying these Orbs, was having a bit of a good time judging by how “playful” their aerobatics were -it was almost like a game of cat and mouse. Definitely intellignetly controlled – and someone with a personality! After 10-15 minutes, these few objects then continued in their journey in the same direction of their comrades. I happened to have the phone number of the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall – UK – and reported the sighting. They in turn reported it to the police force in Brierley Hill (J1 Group) who then passed on the details of the report to the local newspapers – It made front page news the next day. When I came back in the next day for may Shift, my colleagues said that the phones had gone mad with UFO groups and researchers who wanted to speak to me. The Newsapapers wanted to speak to me as well and took my statement – NONE of my colleagues would speak to them as they were afraid of ridicule.
I still have to Newspaper cutting for that date. I feel so lucky to have seen probably the largest sighting in the U.k. of these objects. Obviously in 1997 there was no internet – since then, I can totally tie this sighting to exactly the same as those sightings in Mexico where these Orbs seem to be seen most often. The fact that this sighting ties in with the Mexican ones – BEFORE the age of the internet Says a lot – Yes the Mexican people can be quite superstitious but that doesn’t change the facts. The fact that I saw the sunset on the underside of these objects means that they were SOLID and THEY WERE THERE! – Aside from us at the AA, there was only one other official report and that was from someone who was walking at the same time over the clent hills – 3 miles away – the clent hills has an elevation of 1000 ft above sea level. SO. What do you think. I will stand by my statement for the rest of my life and would gladly be interviewed by anyone and stand my ground to say that what I and my colleagues saw was true.

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