UFO Sighting in Sunriver, Oregon on February 28th 2015 – Didn't really notice the UFO while taking picture. Discovered as I was reviewing photos.

We were vacationing at Sunriver Resort with family. We were just sledding my Daughter around in the new fallen snow taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. When I took this particular picture I hadn’t even noticed the objects. Only Later while reviewing photos I noticed the objects. I immediately thought they were some kind of UFO. The one particular object stood out to me and I zoomed in on it and was blown away by what I saw. Not only that object but another in close proximity to it. It was a reflective or white color with a black top and bottom. The object next to this one was a long bar shape with some of the same coloring. I then saw to the left of these objects much further away another object that in the photo is the shape of a small boot and was a white color also. I think if I had actually seen the objects in real time I would have been way more shocked, But for now I have no idea. Could these just be marks from my camera. I really hope you can clear this up for me. I would love to know and would be excited to know If I actually have some real evidence that we are not alone here.
Thank you for your time,
Matt Spix

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