The Men in Black – On Audio

Have any of you read the book Flying Saucers and The Three Men by Albert K. Bender?


Well, for fans of the Men in Black mystery, here’s something that may appeal. In fact, I’m sure it will. A new edition of Albert Bender’s controversial and mind-altering 1962 book, Flying Saucers and the Three Men, is now available. Nope, it’s not a hardback, softback, or Kindle edition (they’re already out there). It’s an audio edition, one which runs for in excess of five hours.
If you haven’t read Bender’s strange, little book, then getting acquainted with it in audio form is a good idea. It’s a story that most definitely lends itself to a late night listening, when the moon is full, the air is cold, and the wind howls. The reason being that Flying Saucers and the Three Men – despite its title – has far more to do with the worlds of the occult, the supernatural, and demonology than it does aliens from faraway worlds.
It’s ironic that most people’s perceptions of the MIB are dictated by the characters “J” and “K” in the Men in Black movies, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. For those wondering, the letters “J” and “K” were intended as homage to the late and near-legendary John Keel, a leading authority on the MIB. In the movies, the Men in Black are the agents of a secret group that exists and operates outside of the confines (and even the knowledge) of regular government.

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