UFO Sighting in Baker, California on January 4th 2003 – Came out of upper atmosphere in a controlled descending arc. Not like a shooting star

I’m an I.B.E.W. journeyman wireman commonly referred to as a traveler because I’ve worked all over the U.S. In August of 2002 I took a call out of local 357 Las Vegas, to the Nevada Test Site. As interesting as this place was, it is not where the event happened. My wife and I lived in Pahrump, NV and had been visiting relatives in the S.F. bay area over new year holidays. We were returning home on I-15 about to exit at Baker,CA to get on Death Valley highway{127} taking the back way home to Pahrump. Just as we were exiting, something came out of the upper atmosphere in a controlled descending arc from the south to the north. It was dusk, almost dark, and this object and it’s arc were of the color of a seasick green glow-stick. It wasn’t white and zippy fast like a shooting star. I told my wife whatever it was, we were going to pass right by where it appeared to have landed. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later, as we were headed north on 127, we could see that strange green color glowing from behind some foothills about 1/2 mile to the east of us. I pulled over to the side of the road, stopped, got out of my Suburban, and walked to the rear of the vehicle. My 8-month old black lab, Max, was barking and raising all kinds of hell in the rear of the vehicle, because he could see and possibly hear the object as well. As for me, there was no sound that I could detect, possibly because of the distance involved. The object appeared to be hovering maybe 15-20 ft. above the ground, slowly moving forward in a northerly direction. It would appear and disappear behind a series of foothills . The phosphorous green glow was more apparent when the object was out of view behind a foothill. When the object came back into view it appeared to be a disk shaped craft and if you drew a lateral line across the middle of it, the whole top half looked like a glass dome. Inside the dome were hundreds if not thousands of very tiny, multicolored lights. Reminded me of Christmas tree lights, red, white, green, blinking very fast. I would guess the craft was 30-50ft. in diameter with no visible landing gear, and no external lights. All the lights seemed to come from inside the dome, with the whole craft surrounded by that eerie green glow. I saw no occupants, and it never landed. I viewed it for perhaps 3-5 minutes, and at my wife’s insistence got back in my vehicle and drove away. I would guess that this occurred a few miles south of the Dumont sand dune area on 127. Too bad I wasn’t alone, or I would have went for a closer look. No camera available, and no one else passed us by. Don’t know why I waited so long to report this, but of all the ufo stuff I’ve seen on TV and elsewhere, I’ve never seen anything that remotely resembled this. Just wondering if you have. Thank you,
Wally Wilson

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