UFO Sighting in Clemmons, North Carolina on March 8th 2015 – Star-bright red hovering orb.

I had just got up from sleeping to use the restroom at approximately 05:33 AM EST. I then went to the living room to wake the dog up to go out. My room was very dark with only a dim nightlight on. At this point I happened to look up towards my front door which has a 1/2 circle window near the top, and too, there’s a small rectangular window just above the door. I couldn’t help but notice a “brighter & larger than a star, red orb the size of a basket ball”. The orb seemed to be hovering, completely still, and from my perspective, about 3 feet above the roof peek of my neighbor’s house which is east of my house at a distance of approximately 300 feet. There was absolutely no sound coming from the direction of this object. I quickly returned to my bedroom to get my glasses and then went right back to my living room. Approximately 30 seconds later it started to move very slowly to the right. As soon as it started to move something blinked sequentially 3 times on the right side of the orb. It continued moving to the right but as soon as the orb passed the tree-line I lost sight of it. As this event was transpiring I was very interested and not scared at all. I was so excited to be seeing something so abnormal and unusual. There is no way to know how long this object was there before first I noticed it and no way to exactly determine it’s true distance and/or altitude.

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