UFO Sighting in Gatineau, Quebec on March 5th 2015 – bright starlike object high in sky over Quebec Canada that stayed stationary for about an hour but changed shapes and seemed to have red lights flashing around it. Also had what looked like 2 arms that came out of both sides now and then .

I was sitting in my living room across the river in Ottawa Ontario from Quebec watching TV at 7:30pm. I have a huge picture window overlooking Quebec and the river and out of the corner of my eye I saw something high in the sky over Quebec in the Northwest. I turned my head to have a better look and it looked, at first, like a bright white star. Something about it was different though and then I realized that it was staying in place but it seemed to have movement.

I went over to the window to get a better look and it was then that I noticed it was moving in a sort of hyper way – flashing in this bright white light but around it were red lights too that throbbed and actually looked like they were circling the white object but on it – not separate from it. Also I noticed a couple of what I can only describe of arm like objects that seemed to appear at the sides of the object -right and left – and then they seemed to go back down then up or they could have been attached I don’t know, too far away. Unfortunately I didn’t have binoculars so specifics were limited.

I noticed that the object stayed where it was for almost an hour and then it started to move downwards a bit – almost like falling but slower and not too far down then it went back up to where it was and it kept doing this little bobbing kind of thing a few times. Now it was lower than when I first saw it. All this time it was flashing and changing shape it seemed but since it was a star-like shape it was hard to see the shapes exactly but it grew then shrunk so I assumed it was changing shape in some manner. The red lights continued to pulsate or spin around the white light. The ‘arms’ would appear over and over but there weren’t as many appearances of them as there was in the beginning.

This stage continued for a few minutes and then it started to come down a little more but still high above the horizon of Quebec (Gatineau) but this time it obviously was headed due north into Quebec and it seemed to have turned a total red color – no sign of the white light now.

I watched the red object continue north into Quebec until it was just a little pinprick of red light and then it was gone – too small to see or maybe it disappeared – don’t know. That stage of it heading north and changing to just red lasted only about a half hour.

There was no sound from it at any time but I was far away but I didn’t hear anything from where I was.

My feelings were several. At first I was stunned to see it moving but then it was just very interesting, especially when I saw the red lights going around and the ‘arms’ jutting out from the sides of the white object. The dipping up and down were actually kind of comical – almost like dancing or playing. I wasn’t scared because I had seen another sighting of 2 orange balls over pretty much the same area of Quebec a couple of years ago and that sighting was even more spectacular than this one so I know something is going on over there in that general area so I guess that is why I wasn’t shocked at this sighting. I was really freaked out the first time a couple of years ago because that one was very dramatic with 2 of the objects shooting out actual beams that hit the ground in Quebec and you could hear booms when they hit. I had a witness with me at that time so she saw and heard that too. I think I sent that report to Mufon at that time, I think I did.

This incident was followed the next day March 6, 2015 about the same time of night by a sighting of a similar bright white light in the same area but it was definitely just a star because it did nothing and so I know that what I saw on the 5th was a UFO because it started out similar but changed immediately to much more.

That’s about it. I sent the report to UFO Hunters as well for their info too in case they have similar sightings in their data bases too.

Hope this helps with your sightings.

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