UFO Sighting in Murfreesboro, Arkansas on July 9th 2011 – white football shape moving south to north, fast

1-sitting front porch
2 noticed because it entered my eyesight in front of my view
3 When first observed I did not know what it was, thought maybe a ghost of neighbor who just died. then thinking ufo
4 object was white like a white fluorescent light, not glowing and no trail
of any kind, no rotating lights, just a white light. moving at high
speed south to north, shaped like a football or slanted plate. then just
disappeared, no fading or anything like that, just gone. Could not
judge size or distance because it was in open space, from my point of
view it was the size of a football.
5 thought this was unreal, once in a lifetime experience. I just set there
in my rocker, finished my cigarette, smoked another. told my wife and
sort of felt stupid and she would think I was teasing.
6 lost sight when it vanished.

tried to answer as in example , 1 thru 6, because I’m not great
at writing or story telling. just took this long, maybe like others,
everyone thinking I am a fool, with word spreading around town,
embarrassing my wife.

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