1984 UK UFO Collision With Aircraft

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I used to come on this Forum quite a bit; then It got boring. I left for a year and checked back in. Same questions and subjects wrapped up in new wording but essentially no different than before. The same stuff just keeps coming around again and again. So, what’s to be done to break through the “Groundhog Day” ceiling? My usual take on keeping science and facts in the mix actually paid off a couple of years ago. In short it was the solving of a mystery that haunted the UFO Community-At-Large for nearly three decades.

It involved a UK aircraft and it’s supposed collision with an UFO back on August 28, 1984. It was also the ONLY reported collision with an UFO in the the UK’s entire history of commercial aviation. It was written up and referred to in countless books and articles over the years. There were three pieces of debris found in the aircraft that had actually pierced through the fuselage and were later recovered for analysis. One piece was a small rod shaped item. Another was a small metallic cylindrical object that was found to have magnetic properties. A pretty strange and apparently unresolved incident.

I worked with several other folks on this mystery and was just short of filing a FOIA request when I stumbled on what appears to be the only public record of the analysis of the materials recovered from inside the damaged aircraft which BTW landed safely with no injuries to the only Human on board at the time- the pilot.

The report identified the components as belonging to a Motorola 300 radio that had been left in the air intake of one of the propeller engines by a member of the ground crew who was loading the plane with it’s cargo. But that’s not really the issue I wish to discuss here. My reason for bringing this up is to ask WHY the analysis results were so hard to find? Why didn’t the UK’s CAA make the information available as soon as the investigation was over? If they did make it public then why did the UFO authors and supposed investigators ignore the facts and promote the incident as a UFO collision for nearly thirty years? The first book that I knew of that mentioned the event was one that Jenny Randles published only two years after the fact in 1986. It even contained an interview with the pilot! And nope, the truth was not brought out by her nor any other “ufologist” but instead the tale was used to line their pockets- and at the expense of those who chose to believe the account.

I simply cannot fathom why the UK’s government, CAA, MoD, and/or any other agency made little or no effort to correct or stop the continuous deception of the public with this utterly false UFO story. I’m not naïve folks, I understand the making money thing, the revenues generated from book sales and the like but this is somehow different. While a lot of UFO stuff is soft data that is primarily anecdotal and therefore unprovable this DOES NOT fall into that category. In trying to put conjecture and speculation aside….I repeat…….in trying to put speculation and conjecture aside…..I would very much like for someone with a factual answer to step forward and tell the truth about why this story wasn’t resolved when it very first came to light.

Thank you, hiflier.

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