I have a question about what I saw?

Last night Sunday march 8th at 9:13pm I was looking at the three belt stars of Orion through my 15×70 binoculars when I saw a star like object speeding past the three belt stars. I would check if I could see it with my naked eye but I couldnt only when I would look through my binoculars. So initially I thought it was a satellite so I went to Spaceweather.com’s Simple Satellite Tracker: International Space Station, spy satellites, Hubble Space Telescope which is a website that tracks satellites. So I put in my zip code and got the results the problem is the next sattelite wouldnt pass until 9:49pm traveling NNW, but what saw was in the southern part of the sky traveling east and it would be about half an hour before any sattelite was visible. I was also able to track it with my binoculars until I lost it behind the trees thats why I dont think it was a shooting star becsuse shooting stars are gone in a second. Also the star like object did not have any red or green flashing lights so I don’t think it was a plane.So my question is what do you think it was?

Here are the satellite results I got.for march 8th in my area. Simple Satellite Tracking from Spaceweather.com

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