Jim Weiner, Allagash Alien Abductions

Jim-Weiner-hsOpen Minds UFO Radio: Jim Weiner along with his twin brother, Jack, and his friends Chuck Foltz and Charles Rak believe they were abducted during a kayaking trip in Maine in 1976. They had an incredible UFO encounter, and when some of them began having nightmares, they underwent regression therapy, separately. Their accounts of what happened during their UFO encounter in 1976, which they had not remembered consciously, were remarkably similar. In this interview, Jim talks about the events and how they effected his life afterwards.

Jim presently works at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, in Boston, Massachusetts, as an Assistant Director in the school’s Technology Department, where he provides technical and administrative Macintosh computer support to the college’s students, staff, and faculty.

For more about Jim, visit: www.allagashufotwins.com

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