UFO Sighting in Katy, Texas on March 7th 2015 – looked to be three fireball like shapes at different times going east to west

While sitting outside with friends , we noticed this thing that looked to be a fireball come from the southeast moving up in the sky then following a path west. We thought it was something on fire in the sky at first, except it was moving as fast as a plane. We watched until it dissappeared. Then about ten minutes later another one, looking just like the other showed up following the same path and dissappeared. We waited , and a third one appeared about thirty minutes later. A friend took video of the second one and we tried to take video of the third one and for some reason the video would not take. My feelings were very mixed and confused. It can not be a meteor because it was not falling but going up and following a very direct path. No trail left behind. Also it appeared to move around very fast at one time.

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