UFO Sighting in Lafayette, Indiana on September 19th 2014 – Metallic and very bright and reflective

I was heading home from work, driving down state road 38 east in Lafayette, IN just before the interstate 65 junction. It was around 8am. The object was very bright in the sky impossible for anyone to miss if they we’re driving in that direction. When I first saw it my heart jumped because it didn’t look like anything I had ever seen. My first thought without hesitation was that it was a UFO. My second thought was it had to be a plane or something being launched but it didn’t look at all like a plane and I doubt there would be anything launched from our city. It didn’t appear to be moving but it was very far away. If it was moving it looked like it was shooting up into space. I wasn’t sure how to react other than to take a picture. I only showed it to two people and they had not comment. I lost sight of it by turning on to 65 N but it didn’t disapear.

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