UFO Sighting in Vancouver, Washington on March 8th 2015 – Possible space fight

I recently turned in a sighting about a month ago and got an email back but somehow deleted the email. I did some research of my last sighting and I am pretty sure the beam of light I saw coming from space to ground went to Yakima Firing Center (YFC-I used to train there when I was in the Wash Army Nat Guard). As I said in my last sighting I constantly see lights above my house but this last sighting was like nothing I’ve seen before. I saw some light flashes to the east again at 3:30am moving west for about a 2min then it stopped. When I came out at 5:30am to smoke I saw a light (very small light because I believe they are extremely high up=above commercial aircraft levels). This flashing light moved to almost directly ahead when I saw a beam of white light (again very high so it looked small). About a min after a the short flash of the beam light I saw a much larger and jagged edged red flash of light much larger than all the other flashes. I think it was an explosion very high up, maybe even in space. There was a bunch of light pollution from the full moon. I don’t even think you would see it unless you were looking at it. I then got my binoculars out and looked up and I was able to see to small lights moving in formation until they did a turn so fast I actually lost them. In the last sighting report I said if you just aimed an infrared camera up in the sky at my house at night you would see all kinds of strange lights and objects. Well I haven’t seen anything since then, (don’t know what that means) until now. I honestly believe and I know this sounds crazy when I say it but It looked like some kind of space fight or battle happened. Like I said at the beginning this is the weirdest thing I’ve seen yet.

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