UFO Sighting in Wah Fu Estate, Hong Kong Island on February 28th 1985 – There are many cases happened in Wa Fu Estate in HK

I wasn’t born during that time. However, I was born near the area. I heard many stories happened in “Wah fu Estate”, from UFO to ghost story. I automatically link it up with place like the “Skin walker range” in Salt Lake City.

This isn’t the only case happen in “Wah Fu Estate”, in fact, early in the 1970s, there are already story about seeing UFO. Between the 1980s-1990s, a UFO which very similar with the one I reported appear again, which not sure have a written record or not, but many eyewitness. (Most of the case happened in “Wah Fu Estate” have more then 10 eyewitness.)

I didn’t see it directly, however, according to the info I get, I think it is very hard to mix with any other known flying objects, as it was very big and having a dish shape.

According to the eyewitness, it happens that the bottom of the UFO had light which bright enough to wake up a person who was napping. Some said no sound but some who live in a higher level of the building claim a humming sounds made him pay attention out the window before he saw the light. It fly above the building slowly, and finally fly toward the direction toward “Lamma Island”, which is about west/south west of “Wah Fu Estate”

Addition info: During the period of time, Hong Kong was A British colony. When the British government reveal the UFO document around the year 2012, it record that the British Navy had seen an UFO at the sea near the “Wah Fu Estate”. However, no extra detail came out with the file.

PS:The total number of witnesses I put 10, but in fact, it should be more. However, the witnesses are getting old so I hope investigation will be hold as soon as possible.

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