UFO Streaking Above Polson Remains a Mystery

UFO Streaking Above Polson Remains a Mystery


     . . . However, that night I experienced my first UFO sighting. It appeared to be too low and too fast for a satellite. Others witnessing the fast-traveling light were my wife as she looked out the kitchen window, a couple of our youngsters and some neighborhood kids playing in the backyard.

The pulsating white light came out of the northwest, and traveled in a straight line to the southeast. It crossed the horizon in less than a minute and made no sound. It seemed to be spinning and had a circular shape.

I had been taking pictures of the kids earlier in the evening and still had the camera with me in the yard. I snapped a picture, but it was a shapeless blurred blob because of slow shutter speed. The picture was taken at a setting of 1/25th of a second with a 5.6 lens opening, using Tri-X film, 120 size, in a Minolta Autocord camera.

What did we see? I don’t know. Haven’t seen anything like it since, but I’m less skeptical when I hear reports of UFOs now. . . .

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