UFOs over Melbourne, Australia attracted by Night Vision and Lasers?

Using a p8079hp night vision tube and lasers, U.F.O.Lou recorded above Melbourne, Australia something what looks like a spherical object.

It’s known lasers will attract bugs and UFO’s and with this kind of sightings it is always the question, is it a bug or a UFO? If it a bug normally you see something like wings flap however this orb remains spherical.

Also a still shot of the orb (see video) shows rather than a bug a spherical object even it looks as if a human-like figure is in the orb.

Psychicinvestigators.net published an in-depth article about this phenomenon and they said: “It does seem that there is a conscious mind behind the orbs. By looking more closely into the spirit orbs sometimes there does appear to be faces.”

The question remains: “Bug or Spiritual Orb”?


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