UFO Sighting in Landers, California on March 7th 2015 – During a 4 second long exposure to capture a meteor shower, the image was on the exposure, but never seen by the human eye while it was happening.

I was all set up that evening to take a photo of the lights over the town of Landers from the perspective of my property. I had my tripod set, and used an 80-200 mm lens with a Nikon D90 camera body. It was shot around 125 mm.

As I was taking shots and adjusting exposure times, a meteor shower became visible. I simply hit the shutter, never seeing the object in the left upper field of the photo.

The next morning when I downloaded the camera, I was shocked by what looked like a Jet smoke stream running across one of the frames. However, when I blew up the image, it proved not to be a smoke or vapor stream at all.

It was a series of lights ranging in every color imaginable, broken up into little square shaped boxes, that appear to slow down suddenly, change direction, and eject something.

The strange thing is that I never saw the object in real time. I only captured its existence in my Nikon.

In the original photo, there is a telephone pole in the forefront. I eventually went into Photoshop, and removed the pole, because the photo went right onto Wikipedia in the UFO article as well as others, and I wanted better composition for its debut.

The photo I am sending you, is the original J-peg I saved “before” I took the telephone pole out. No one else to date has this photo but you. The only difference from the absolute original (I still have), is that the photo is cropped to eliminate unnecessary foreground.

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